Lydia's Plan for Our Schools

Election Day is March 5th, Tuesday

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I am Lydia Gutierrez, your candidate for LAUSD School Board District 7 and I want to thank you for considering voting for me on March 5th.

It is time to bring effective change at the highest decision-making level at the L.A. Unified School District. Currently, LAUSD is poorly run in the areas of finances, administration, and most importantly the lack of academic goals for our children.

I have the experience in understanding the demands of both educational and budgetary demands with more than 25 years as a teacher, and as an administrator and financial supervisor in the aerospace industry.

We have too many elected officials who have never been responsible for handling large-scale financial issues. Nor have they been classroom teachers. Therefore, they are not qualified to understand what services are being administered correctly and most of all, if our children’s academic needs are being met.

I will lead the efforts to create a strategic plan required to dramatically change how LAUSD does business that will bring back academic success for our children’s future. I am also committed to successfully addressing these needs for LAUSD:

Achieving Academic Excellence: There must be a complete review at the primary and secondary grade levels to ensure that Academic Standards and Curricula are age-appropriate, and work towards academic excellence for all, including children with special needs.

Building Fiscal Responsibility: Establish oversight and transparency for every tax dollar received and spent. Assure funds are being used for education in a responsible manner, not tied up in LAUSD’s huge bureaucracy.

Cultivating Success after Graduation: In the job market, 35% of the openings require a college degree, while 65% require a vocational trade skill. We must ensure that every school develops and maintains well-rounded Academic and Vocational Programs that prepare our youth for college and the post-graduate job market, as well as trade skills for those for whom college is not a viable option.

Other areas requiring the type of new leadership I will bring to LAUSD:

    • Safety of our Children - strong policies must be in place to protect our children from bullying, predators and gangs.
    • Special Needs Children - every child deserves the best quality education and the services for these children should not be put on the chopping block to save money.
    • Art, Music and Drama - these foundational courses should not be considered programs to be cut. It is only through imagination, creativity, and exploration that we will help children develop the ability to learn a complete formal education.
    • Children of Faith - every child has the right to his or her personal belief and it is not the place of public schools to challenge that Faith, but to be respectful of all backgrounds of every child.
    • Physical Education - it is vital for the physical and mental health of every child that they are engaged in organized activities that will assist them towards a sound academic excellence.
    • Children’s Privacy Rights - every child has the right to his or her privacy when using a bathroom, changing room, or shower room.
    • DACA Students - supports DACA Students becoming U.S. Citizens.
    • Implementation of Technology – technology should be used as a tool for both the teacher and the student, not as a replacement of the instructor or the teaching of the subject matter. The technology expenditure must be reasonable.
    • Parental Rights - Every parent has the right to know what is being taught to their child and any decisions the child makes about their health and sex.


“I want our children to be successful in life, but without a quality education, they will not have a chance in today’s competitive global economy.”



Let’s put an experienced and trusted leader in office.

Vote for LYDIA A. GUTIERREZ for LAUSD School Board Seat 7 on your ballot.

Lydia Gutierrez, your candidate for LAUSD School Board #7 asks for your vote.