Teachers call $1.3-billion dollar iPad buy a FIASCO, but still are willing to give Richard Vladovic a third strike to rip-off our children.

A group calling itself “Political Action Council of Educators” hasn’t learned that when a School Board member participates in wasting $1.3-billion dollars on iPads, and the FBI shows up to investigate possible misappropriation of funds, maybe that Board member should NOT be re-elected.


The group is sending a letter to voters in the District 7 Board election where challenger Lydia Gutiérrez forced incumbent LAUSD Board President Richard Vladovic into a runoff election on May 19th. The letter to voters declares the $1.3-billion dollar purchase of iPads overseen by Vladovic “a fiasco”.  A better description of that purchase should be “a DISASTER.”


It was Vladovic’s responsibility to obey the law and use your tax dollars wisely.  As president, he set the agenda and voted twice for what turned out to be a billion-dollar failure.


Shortly after the second vote, the FBI came in and started collecting boxes of documents. They discovered that buying the iPads with bond money may have been a violation of federal law.  As a result, the Security and Exchange Commission has now begun an investigation to determine if buying the iPads defrauded bond investors.  Obviously, if Richard Vladovic does not know how to legally spend our bond money, then I would give him a grade of “F” for making such poor decisions.


It is time to replace Vladovic with a fresh new voice, Lydia Gutiérrez, who will make better decisions for our teachers, our children and our District.  Lydia is a teacher with 25 years of experience.  She also has strong supervisory and management skills from her years of working in the private sector.  Lydia is a strong advocate for vocational education and she believes in financial accountability, coupled with academic excellence for all students.


Vote for Lydia Gutiérrez, and together we can get rid of Vladovic’s poor leadership and poor decision-making. He must go because he’s causing our children to fall further behind which will rob them of a bright future.


You have two ways to support Lydia Gutiérrez, by voting with your absentee ballot right now, or at the polls May 19th.