Lydia's Plan for Our Community Colleges

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd

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Lydia has worked in the aerospace industry as an administrator and acting cost estimating supervisor over seeing contracts, scheduling, and budget costs. Lydia returned back into the classroom and has been a public-school teacher for over 25 years. Lydia Gutierrez served seven years as an elected official board member for the Coastal San Pedro Neighborhood Council that oversaw the Coast of San Pedro and the Port of Los Angeles.

Lydia’s has the experience in understanding the demands of both educational and budgetary demands with more than 25 years as a teacher, and 6 years as an administrator and financial supervisor in the aerospace industry.

Lydia’s mission is to elevate the Los Angeles Community College District to become the frontrunner in setting academic and vocational standards of excellence for community colleges nationwide.

Lydia believes that our youth need to know that they have a future to be economically independent and be a productive member in our society.

Lydia believes it is time to bring effective change at the highest decision-making level at the L.A. Community College District. Currently, LACCD is poorly run in the areas of finances, administration, and most importantly the lack of academic skills of students entering college for the first time. Lydia has an A, B, and C approach:

A - Achieving Academic Excellence: Every high school student should be given the opportunity to attend community college courses that pertain to career goals, trade skill or continuing on to a four-year college. There must be a coordinated effort of aligning both secondary schools and college entrance classes in Academic Standards and Curricula.

B - Building Fiscal Responsibility: Establish oversight and transparency for every tax dollar received and spent. Assure funds are being used for education in a responsible manner, not tied up in LACCD’s bureaucracy.

C - Cultivating Success after Graduation: In the job market, 35% of the openings require a four-year college degree, while 65% require a vocational trade skill. We must ensure that every school develops and maintains well-rounded Academic and Vocational Programs that prepare our youth for college and the post-graduate job market, as well as trade skills for those for whom four-year college is not a viable option.

Lydia Gutierrez is supported by students, community leaders and members, pastors, parents, teachers, and business owners.


“I want our students to be successful in life, but without a quality education, they will not have a chance in today’s competitive global economy.”


Let’s put an experienced and trusted leader in office.

Vote for LYDIA A. GUTIERREZ for LACCD School Board Seat 3 on your ballot.

Lydia Gutierrez, your candidate for LACCD Board # 3 asks for your vote.