LAUSD spends like Billionaires while being a Tyrant about Teacher's Salaries


When charges were filled against LAUSD for not enforcing policy in protecting children from sexual predators, i.e. Mark Berndt, LAUSD School Board decided to hire 2 law firms, Sedgwick and Andrade, at $350 to $460 an hour, spending over $7 million dollars and still counting, to litigate the Miramonte Elementary School Case. LAUSD ignored its own lawyers, who bill at $150 to $175 an hour, and have had the experience of litigating cases like this. 


Sedgwick and Andrade law firms have spent much of their time creating roadblocks in providing evidence of Mark Berndt’s misdeeds for over the last 30 years. When LAUSD Superintendent Deasy, said with all supposed sincerity that LAUSD would provide all documentation for this case to be resolved so the children involved would not have to endure this tragedy was not accurate.  Lydia Gutierrez remarked, “It is painful enough knowing what these children have had to endure, while LAUSD Administration ignored all the warning signs, that LAUSD would prolong the disclosure of information that would help expedite this case for these children. The LAUSD School Board should have been at the forefront in assuring this, but are MIA (Missing In Action).”


LAUSD has given every excuse possible for why they are not able to pay standard wages for LAUSD public school teachers.  And yet, the LAUSD School Board has been able to find funding for a billion dollar high school, Belmont Learning Center, about half a billion for a failed Payroll System, and now a billion for funding iPads, that Superintendent Deasy is being questioned for favoritism in purchases, while the school structures are in shambles. 


Lydia commented, “Under the leadership of Richard Vladovic, School Board President of LAUSD, fiscal accountability has been lacking. School Board members are elected to watch over the taxpayers’ money to assure it is being used to educate our children, instead of lining the pockets of special interest groups.” She further stated, “When I am elected, I will call for an audit of all expenditures, review all cases before the Inspector General, and request that the School Board seek out administrators who have had actual experience in the educational field and have a thorough understanding of the academic expectations. It is time to stop hiring people who come with an agenda that is self-serving and does not serve the needs of our children and does not give the support our teachers need in the classroom.”


Lydia Gutierrez is running for LAUSD School Board District 7 to replace Richard Vladovic. She was born and raised in District 7, Harbor Gateway, went to school at Meyler Elementary School, Stephen M. White Middle School and Narbonne High School, and resides in San Pedro.  Lydia has over 20 years teaching experience. She has been a neighborhood board member for 7 years. She holds 2 teaching credentials, a master’s and has been a master teacher for the UCLA Mathematics projects. Before teaching, she was an administrator and acting cost estimating supervisor in the aerospace industry.