LA Times and Daily News are RIGHT! Richard Vladovic is a lousy School Board member.

LA Times and Daily News just came out with their endorsement, and this is what they had to say about Richard Vladovic who is running for a 3rd time and has already proven his expertise at wasting taxpayer money and rehired a superintendent who has been accused of alleged sexual harassment:

“Richard Vladovic. As school board president, Vladovic has been an unsteady hand on the tiller. He has failed to set a direction for the board and tends to vote with the prevailing winds. But his opponent, Long Beach teacher Lydia Gutiérrez, is a weak candidate who lacks the necessary grasp of the district's major issues. So Vladovic it is.”  

                        LA Times, April 23rd, 2015


“It’s too bad that stronger opponents didn’t step up to challenge Richard Vladovic in the district that runs from South Central L.A. to San Pedro. Vladovic has a bad reputation with district colleagues, who consider the board president high-handed. And he makes too little effort to engage the press and public, his campaign failing to respond to our requests for an interview. But opponent Lydia Gutiérrez, a teacher who finished second in the primary, fails to enunciate a clear grasp of policy issues and takes a disappointing stand for an educator by telling the editorial board she views evolution only as one “theory.” We recommend a vote for Vladovic, without enthusiasm.”   

Daily News, April 30, 2015


LA Times and Daily News are well-known for their accuracy in the news media, digging in deep to find the truth and share it with the public. Here are events that both researched about LAUSD while Vladovic has been in office:


  • $169 million payout for two separate Miramonte Child Abuse Cases of victimized children

  • $130 million for the chaotic implementation of the MiSiS, computerized attendance system when they already had a system that only needed a $1.5 million upgrade

  • $1.3 billion for the purchase of iPads resulting in an investigation by the FBI and SEC

  • $158 million siphoned off cafeteria funds to pay for salary increases and sprinklers, for which the state demanded a refund and there is no record of anyone being fired

  • Bringing back the former Superintendent Ramon Cortines who presently has a sexual harassment lawsuit against him by an LAUSD employee

  • A pending Child Abuse lawsuit against LAUSD due to charges against a former Wilmington school teacher

  • Vladovic had called the movie “Bad Teacher” a poor representation of the teaching profession because of the actress’s behavior and vulgarity, but has ignored allegations of his own vulgar behavior causing him to have to write an apology letter and take a behavior management class


As for LA Times and Daily News endorsing Richard Vladovic, that is simply their opinions. Opinions come and go but the facts never change. Lydia Gutiérrez’s supporters of all parties agree that it is time for change and that Vladovic has to go!


Please keep in mind that no one in either of these newspaper editorial boards has ever taught for 25 years in the classroom, nor do they have any form of two teaching credentials, nor have they been a Math and Science teacher, nor do they posses a master’s degree in Bilingual education, nor have they been accountable for multi-million dollar contracts as has Lydia, who has worked in the aerospace industry as an acting supervisor in cost estimating. Their lack of experience in the REAL academic world only gives them the right to their opinion when it comes to meeting the educational needs of our children.


If the LA Times and Daily News editorial boards do not believe, as Lydia does, that  achieving academic excellence, building fiscal accountability, and bringing back trade skills in our high schools are major issues in this election, then they have the responsibility to name the issues they believe need to be addressed. Lydia believes people need to rely on real facts before putting their trust in anyone’s opinion, including the LA Times and the Daily News editorial board.


As for the distortions that are coming out about what myLydia's beliefs are, they are only fishing for something to create negative responses towards Lydia. It is not going to work, because people want a person who is going to put the educational welfare of their children first and who has integrity—the real facts prove that Lydia Gutiérrez is that person.


To the person who wants to tell the Daily News that evolution has always been taught as a scientific theory, if they think it should be taught as something else, more than likely all the scientists of the world would be interested to know their findings.


Lydia’s supporters of all parties are urging their friends and families to Vote for Lydia Gutiérrez. This will be a close race—so close that there is a tremendous amount of money being spent to spread incorrect information against Lydia. Lydia’s Democratic, Republican, and Independent supporters urge you to vote for change.


Let us not stay home on Election Day! Help Lydia get elected on March 3rd.  Together we can make a difference for our children, our schools, and our educational system.

To find out more about Lydia Gutiérrez’s platform and her Vision for Education, please visit her website to make up your own mind at:

2 Miramonte Child Abuse Cases of victimized children


The chaotic implementation of MiSiS, computerized attendance system, which may exceed $100 million


The iPad purchase fiasco calling on an FBI investigation


The misuse of budgeted lunch funds for salary increases and sprinklers, the State demanded a refund


LAUSD Superintendent’s lawsuit for Sexual Harassment


3rd Child Abuse Case presently in the courts against a former Wilmington LAUSD teacher who allegedly victimized 20 children


Sexual Harassment allegations against a LAUSD Board Member


LA Times


Daily News