Armenian Genocide Acknowledgement

In Memory of the 100 year Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

It is always painful to remember a dark time in history when man shows he’s capable of horrific evil.

For 70 years, American history has acknowledged the Holocaust of the Jewish people during World War II, but has been silent about the atrocious genocide of one million Armenians who were brutally murdered for the sole reason of their race and Christian faith one hundred years ago.  It is unacceptable for the American educational system not to acknowledge and recognize this horrific event in our teaching of World History.


As a public school teacher, I am requesting every school district in the state of California to acknowledge this horrific event and that it be taught in our World History courses.


As a Los Angeles Unified School District School Board candidate, my first order of business, once elected to the Board will be to acknowledge the genocide of one million Armenians during World War I by the Ottoman government.