An Open Letter to the California Charter School Association

Dear Ms. Sarah Angel, Managing Regional Director, Greater Los Angeles


When you sent your email about filling out your questionnaire, I thought you were sincere when you told me there was a distinction between the two groups, California Charter School Association (CCSA) and CCSA Advocates. 

I thought about it all day Friday, letting my mind think about what I would present to the voters, but then I thought maybe I should make sure what you told me was accurate.


What I discovered in my research was that every person on the Advocates group is a paid employee on the California Charter School Association. It is impossible to serve two masters; you can’t be paid by one and be neutral on the other knowing it would support the mission of your employer. The fact is that all eight members of your advocacy group are also listed in the agency directory as employees and they share the same titles and phone numbers in BOTH organizations.


While trying to find ways to attack me and mislead voters against me, I believe your time would have been better spent in supporting someone who has the integrity and love of children, like I do. Your candidate has a checkered past and continues to make serious errors in financial spending which directly affect what services can be offered to our children, such as iPads, MiSiS, etc.


It is disappointing to see you are supporting Richard Vladovic knowing that he had to write a public apology letter for his alleged improper behavior. His former secretary boldly spoke out about his alleged behavior of sexual harassment, vulgar language, and others who said they were being threatened with termination if they spoke out about your candidate’s alleged despicable behavior.  Sadly, one Board member expressed even dismay and thought Vladovic should only be censured.


If you would like for me to take both your organizations CCSA and CCSA Advocates seriously in the future, demonstrate your integrity. I am here for all the children of LAUSD to be given a fair opportunity to a quality public education, not for the select few Board members who’s bigger priority is their own self-interest and a knack for behaving badly.



Lydia A. Gutiérrez

Candidate for

School Board, District 7